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As an initiate to the Maitri Violet-Silver Chord Order under Kriya yoga practitioner Sri Babaji Nagaraj, Toby Alexander was reborn as Sri Shivananda Brahmananda. Now a much sought-after and internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher, Toby Alexander develops new methods for the manipulation of energy fields, auras, and chakras, while maintaining a steadfast dedication to the healing of people worldwide. Founder and CEO of DNA Perfection (, Toby Alexander utilizes the conventions of Web 2.0 technology to reach a wide audience. Through Internet video conferencing, Toby Alexander heals patients remotely and guides practitioners in various types of interactive meditation. Toby Alexander innovates, improves, and specializes in such techniques as transcendental inquiry, transcendental rebirthing, and J-seal removal. Alexander is also one of the foremost experts in DNA activation. With a commitment to activating the 10 dormant strands of etheric DNA that rest alongside the functioning double helix, Toby Alexander brings fresh ideas to bridge the gap between spirituality and science. Alexander notes that once activated, this multidimensional DNA allows for exponential personal growth. Emphasizing a reconnection to the earth, Toby Alexander guides clients back to a path of mind-body-spirit health and reconfigures their morphogenetic fields. Through Toby Alexander’s tested methods of DNA activation, practitioners rediscover their untapped potential by awakening the seven higher senses. Toby Alexander removes the obstructions surrounding all chakras and facilitates the embodiment of one’s higher self, oversoul consciousness, avatar self, and Rishi. By connecting remotely to and guiding personal energy fields, Toby Alexander helps improve stamina, muscle function, and auric clarity. Some of Alexander’s DNA activation clients claim regrown hair, desired weight loss, and the ability to overcome paralyzing emotional blocks. In order to perform effective DNA activation, Toby Alexander first cleanses the aura and removes negative karmic influences. Alexander draws from his own Indigo Type 1 48-strand DNA template and performs DNA activation therapy over multiple sessions. With 15 years of experience, Alexander has conducted more than 10,000 DNA activations and maintains a long list of satisfied clients.